Lopez Family Journal Entry January 2, 2013

 In Project Haiti


First thing in the morning, we had to move to another guest house. Christy and Nate decided to stay at the guest house throughout the day because Christy was not feeling well. Ryan and I joined the baseball team for another day of work at the future orphanage site. We cut out early from working at the site and drove to a nearby beach. The first beach we went to was a resort. It was like something you would see in the states. They wanted $40 per person to use the beach for an hour. We tried to bargain, but the manager would not relent. So, we left and headed to the Obama Beach Hotel, where they let us swim for 5$ per person. We had a great time just lounging on the beach and swimming in the water. The salt water did wonders for all our cuts and scrapes. After we got back to the guest house, we went to dinner with another team that was also on a missions trip. We went to a fast food restaurant that was insane (for lack of a better term). You pay first and they give you a receipt, then you have to fight your way to different stations (that aren’t marked) to collect your food items. The overcrowded restaurant was indicative of life in Haiti: an overcrowded and unorganized free for all. Once we got our food, everything was fine, and we enjoyed our dinner with our new friends.

Eric Lopez

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