Marc’s Haiti Trip – Day One

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March 27, 2013

First day in Haiti! 3 hours sleep, zero food, hot…but GOOD; I was with our brother Pierre all day. We went to the embassy, did some work at the Social Welfare Office, booked a church for a funeral Saturday, drove a lot, got stuck once, and went to the orphanage. A normal day for Pierre. Goal #1 for me is to learn and understand as much as possible. Goal #2 is to make major project decisions with Pierre. We are beginning those discussions tomorrow. My video files are too big to upload so you’ll have to settle for the only pic I took today. I was born and raised in AK so in the orphanage these caught my eye.

PS – as I upload this the power has gone on and off 19 times. Each time I lose internet connection. 20. 21…

Marc Spear, LHC Prez

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