Birth of a Supermarket

 In Project Haiti

Heading to Haiti on Thursday to detail out the strategy behind our supermarket launch.  T-minus three years to completion.

IMG_20150429_091658_804Landing on the moon started with a proclamation followed by strategy, trial, and error.  We’re doing the same.  We’ve made the proclamation and this trip to Haiti is the next step in our strategy.  From there it will be more strategy, trial, error, faith, and perseverance.

It costs over $1 million a year to run Loving Shepherd’s orphan care support system in Haiti.  All of that is coming from US donors.  By establishing a profitable supermarket that is managed and driven by a Haitian team it will help lessen the burden on US donors, it will help build an economy, it will provide jobs, it will provide leadership opportunities for the next generation, and it will contribute to an orphan care program that we hope will become self-sustaining for Haitians and by Haitians.  If done well this initiative will have multi-generational impact on the people of Haiti.

Come with us and jump on board!

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