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Wooo-hoo!  Internet is speedy tonight.  You may have realized by now we’re embarking on a very complex undertaking in Haiti.  It’d be a fairly significant project even in the states.  But to invent a large scale supermarket that not only succeeds but lives out our core values of people development and sustainability requires a lot of planning.  It’s daunting but so much about the kids’ future depends on financial sustainability so we are trying to do what’s necessary.  We have made large strides in the journey this week but granted we are ten steps in to a thousand step journey.  Bill, our supermarket buddy (pictured on the right), and others on this trip have taken us toward our next significant step.  After several more months of projections and calculations our next tangible step will be launching a small start-up experiment that we will learn and scale-up from.  We hope for this to be initiated next summer.  All plans are subject to change – lots of change.  In Haiti all things are in flux at all times.  But we’re happy with the progress and we can begin to see the day a dream will become a reality.  And you can’t imagine the impact this will have on the lives of children when this actually happens.

And for our engineering team in Missoula, below is the beginning of the cafeteria you designed located on the property near the Technical Institute and Agri Park.  It’s fun to see a drawing come to life.  Ernso in the blue shirt is the crew manager making it happen.

IMG_20150906_120122_175 IMG_20150906_151240_909

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