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 In Project Haiti

There are over 250 kids in permanent, loving families in Haiti thanks to the good work being done by our partner organization LSM.  Today we met many of them and their parents.  The entire reason we are entering into business development is for the long term sustainability of the child-focused programs in Haiti.  It’s so important these kids are raised in a loving way and launched with a support structure all around them.  We are just a year away from the first child going to university and “launching.”  We gotta get ready – a whole lot more are right behind him!  With successful business comes financial support for the programs, jobs, leadership and management opportunities, technical development, and much more.  Time to get crackin’.

And how many of us does it take to dislodge a stone from behind the wheel?  Several.  And I would upload a pic of a test sight example for our business project but the I-net connection is a bit finicky tonight and does not like that idea.  Maybe tomorrow.


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