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Love Has Come Inc.

16191 Highland Drive
Florence, Montana 59833

Family Fund

Providing financial
assistance to qualified,
dedicated forever families
We're pumped that you'd allow us to join in your financial journey as you pursue that forever child!

LHC makes available to qualified applicants the possibility of an adoption grant. Our goal is to help remove the barriers to adoption; one preventative barrier is sometimes the cost of adoption.  Adoptions can cost between $10,000 and $45,000 (but hey - it's an incredible "investment", right?!).  Though you must carry the majority of the financial responsibility and we are not able to fulfill all requests, we do hope to encourage some families through financial support.

Funding is based on our ability to give.  Due to limited funding, we can't take care of everyone.  Priority will be given, but not limited, to Missoula, MT area families with the greatest financial need who complete the process with integrity and demonstrate their ability to provide a loving home consistent with the founding principles and values of LHC.  Basically, we want to see God's Missoula people go get some kids.  But if you're from outside Montana we'd still like to help you if we can. 

Read the fine print near the bottom of this page for grant details but be sure not to miss this biggie:

To help us streamline our process and qualify applicants, you must have a referral before you apply for a grant.  Don't miss that part.  In fact, here it is sure you have a referral before you take on the significant undertaking of applying for a grant. 

What's that you say?  You have a referral?  Good!  Keep on reading!

Our processing routine:

Submit your application anytime you want but we evaluate on a quarterly basis.  The quarter your application comes to us in its entirety will be the quarter it is considered for funding.  So the day we receive the last piece of your application packet will be the "record date."  Your application will be processed the quarter in which your record date falls.  Make sense?

Our processing schedule:

First quarter deadline: March 31
First quarter application reviews: April 1 - April 15
First quarter approval/declination notifications to applicants via mail: Last week of April

Second quarter deadline: June 30
Second quarter application reviews: July 1 - July 15
Second quarter approval/declination notifications to applicants via mail: Last week of July

Third quarter deadline: September 30
Third quarter application review: October 1 - October 15
Third quarter approval/declination notifications to applicants via mail: Last week of October

Fourth quarter deadline: December 31
Fourth quarter application review: January 1 - January 15
Fourth quarter approval/declinations to applicants via mail: Last week of January

The basic components of the Forever Family Fund are as follows:

Part I:
Complete both the online form and the Supplemental Documents PDF.  It's an extensive process that may require some fortitude and a few espressos to get through so prep yourself.

Part II:
We consider your application and weigh your elligibility and need against our ability to give.  Our maximum grant will not exceed $5000 and grants of less are common.  We continue to pray for funding that will allow LHC to actively and significantly participate in the financial piece of the adoption journey.

 Here are some basics before you apply:
  • Your application will be complete once we receive both the online portion and the Supplemental Documents.  Your log date is the date we receive both.  The online form goes right to us when you submit it.  As for the PDF - complete it, print it, and send it along with the other required documents to our LHC address.
  • Processing your app takes a minimum of 90 days (but you'll hear from us nearly right away)
  • Before you apply a satisfactory homestudy must be completed
  • You must be adopting by using a licensed 501c(3) agency
  • Applications cannot be submitted for independent adoptions (through lawyers, facilitators, etc not licensed to place children)
  • Apps cannot be submitted post-placement
  • You cannot re-apply for an adoption for which an app has already been submitted
  • Any funds distributed are paid to a qualified 501c(3) agency and not directly to the applicant
  • You'll need these things, at minimum, to complete the app process:
                 - Church address and contact info
                 - IRS documents from the last two years
                 - Net worth info
                 - Annual budget info
                 - Your home study
                 - Begin to prepare your supporting documents including requesting a letter of recomendation from your pastor in a sealed envelope and requesting a letter from your adoption agency (not your home study agency) verifying the date your home study was completed and that they are working with you on the adoption.

Danelle is our stellar team lead on this Forever Family Fund initiative.  Regardless of the role we play, we hope your process is blessed as your child finds their forever family.

Reach Danelle at

Elements of the process and language used here copied with permission from Show Hope: