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Love Has Come Inc.

16191 Highland Drive
Florence, Montana 59833


Reaching out to orphans
Through Adoption
So You Want to Adopt…Now What? by Sara Dormon
Orphanalogy by Tony Merida and Rick Morton
Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge
The Whole Life Adoption Book by Jayne E. Schooler
Making Room in Your Hearts by Micky Duxbury
Adoption Parenting by Jean Macleod and Sheena Macrae
Inside Transracial Adoption by Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall

Children of Open Adoption and Their Families by Kathleen Siber and Patricia Martinez Dorner
My Child is a Mother: A True and Happy Story About Open Adoption by Mary Stephenson
Arms Open Wide by Jane Waters
The Open Adoption Book: A Guide to Adoption Without Tears by Bruce Rappaport
Black Baby, White Hands by Jaiya John

Because They Waited video series by Heart of the Matter Seminars
The Complete Book of International Adoption by Dawn Davenport

The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family by Karen B. Purvis,
David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine

Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs by Miriam Edelson
In Time and With Love: Caring for the Special Needs Baby by Marilyn Segal

The Day We Met You by Phoebe Koehler
My Special Family: A Children’s Book About Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber
I Wished for You by Marrianne Richmond
Shaoey and Dot by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman
Did My First Mother Love Me? A Story for an Adopted Child by Kathryn Ann Miller

Special Kind of Love by Judy Baer
About David by Susan Pfeffer
No Turning Back by Judy Baer
Rewind by William Sleator
Someone to Love by Francess Lantz
Who Am I by Charlene Giannetti
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Lutheran Social Services (domestic) -
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Love Has Come -
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While we were waiting to accept a referral for our child, we were blessed to welcome our daughter, Grace, into our family. At that point we sta ... READ MORE >
Kenneth & Jen Worster
In the spring of 2005 we traveled to Ethiopia to adopt our 1st and 2nd children, boys 6 months old and 3 years old. In 2010 we traveled to Ethi ... READ MORE >
Joe & Danelle Danzer
Joe and I always talked about adopting when we were dating. God placed it on both our hearts after doing a missions trip in High School. Our plan ... READ MORE >
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