Our Finances

Take A Moment to look at our financials for 2017

We remain in good standing with the ECFA and hold ourselves to the most intense financial accountability procedures. We look forward to 2018 with a focus on continuing to increase our Program Services and offsetting our operation expenses with fundraisers and donations. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Love Has Come, INC completed its sixth fiscal year on Dec. 31st, 2017.

Our Finances

“In memory of Eugene and Ruby Morgan…faithful, humble friends who loved God, family, and friends.”

Thank you for your support in 2017!

And thank you for taking the time to read this short summary as we look back on 2017 and ahead to 2018.

The purpose of this report is to remain accountable to you – our financial supporters. We’re pleased to keep you well informed on the inner workings of LHC.

2017 was a tremendous year for us. It feels like we’ve turned a page in many respects. Thanks to donors like you we’ve been able to work toward some pretty ambitious dreams like never before.

We remain dedicated to our philosophy that 100% of donor dollars go toward program services, not to administration and overhead. To accomplish this, we have begun holding an annual Texas Hold ’em tournament, “All in for Kids.” It was well attended last year and the net profits were able to cover all our hard costs for 2017. This allowed your donations to go directly toward special purposes; 81% of all revenue went toward our causes and the 19% for overhead was covered by the tournament. The next “All in for Kids” is right around the corner and we hope for a similar outcome.

Thanks to donors like you we are able to keep focus and deliver on the same three priorities since our genesis six years ago: support of adoptive families, grants to adopting families, and supporting vulnerable kids in Haiti. Let me speak to each of them, briefly.

Our board continues to support adoptive parents as they travel the adoption journey. Visits in coffee shops or homes is commonplace. What a pleasure to be a resource for adoptive families. Also exciting to us this year was the ability to support the foster community through encouraging the hard working team in Missoula who endlessly serve our vulnerable children and families. Through work days and various events many, many LHC volunteers have made it their mission to come alongside the state of Montana to support their hard work. In a relationship like this some aspects are confidential yet suffice to say good people are putting their hearts in action by giving of their time and resources to love on the Missoula foster team and for that we are exceedingly thankful.

We are also thankful for our ability to provide a few grants to adoptive families in 2017. This is one of our core purposes. This is a good news, bad news deal. The good news is, we have seen fairly large demand which means people are adopting. The bad news is, our grant fund is getting low. But, the good news is several donors have recently begun giving to that cause so our account is going back up! We plan to continue our grant program for 2018 and beyond.

And finally, we also plan to open the grocery store in Haiti this spring. To learn the details, please see our website. Yet to summarize, hundreds of hours have gone into the preparation for launch and tens of thousands of dollars have been given. Since November alone, nearly $60,000 has come in toward our remaining need of $67,000. Amazing! You’ll notice just over $116,000 of LHC resources went toward program services last year. Over half of that went toward our purpose in Haiti. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me. I’m always anxious to share one-on-one or to groups who may have interest. So much is happening relative the store and at a fairly rapid pace. Though I must mention, much opposition finds us daily so your prayers are very coveted.

Finally, to receive hot off the press info and to see inside what we are doing, text “LHC” to 31996. I send out a couple texts a month – that’s perhaps the best was to keep updated along with FB and LoveHasCome.com.

Thank you for your support! Every dollar is critical and we aspire to manage it well and with purpose, on purpose.

May God bless your sacrificial support. Thank you for choosing to trust Love Has Come.

Marc Spear
President, LHC