Our Finances

Take A Moment to look at our financials for 2016

We remain in good standing with the ECFA and hold ourselves to the most intense financial accountability procedures. We look forward to 2017 with a focus on continuing to increase our Program Services and offsetting our operation expenses with fundraisers and donations. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Love Has Come, INC completed its sixth fiscal year on Dec. 31st, 2016.

Thank you for your support in 2016!

And thank you for taking the time to read this short summary as we look back on 2016 and ahead to 2017.

The purpose of this report is to remain accountable to you – our financial supporters. We’re pleased to keep you well informed on the inner workings of LHC.
We have a growing team of orphan minded people working alongside us. If you’ve ever seen the movie Forest Gump you may recall a time in the life of Forest where he started running. He ran from one coast to the other and he “kept on going.” As he ran he gained a larger and larger following as runners joined in his cause. But the problem was he had no cause…he was just running. LHC has a growing number of people who have joined us but unlike Forest Gump – we have a focused cause and the more they learn the more excited they become.

Thanks to donors like you we are able to focus and deliver on the same three priorities since our genesis five years ago: support of adoptive families, grants to adopting families, and supporting vulnerable kids in Haiti. Last year we invested nearly $8000 toward the causes, most of that in the form of grants to adopting families. And for those who have been giving toward our work in Haiti, we have been hard at strategic planning and design. We’d like to thank all the engineers and architects who have helped us toward the goal of a revolutionary grocery experience that will provide for the needs of Les Cayes, Haiti as well as develop and employee many of the once orphaned but now growing teens and young adults in Haiti. Thank you to BCE Structural, Jackson Contractor Group, and DC Engineering for all contributing to the development of children in Haiti through the donation of your skills and services. Incredible. For pictures and plans please see our web site.

2016 was a year of raising and saving funds. We need $147,000 to fully launch the grocery store in Haiti. You have provided over $56,000 thus far. Store remodel begins in March and we aspire for a ribbon cutting in September. We move forward with faith and hard work. We also trust for the provision of our Forever Family Fund (our grant fund) so we can continue supporting adoptive families with financial encouragement. This has been such a blessing. You should see the thank you and Christmas cards we get!

There is much more to say but I am out of room. Please contact me for questions relative details surrounding our financial decisions, principles, and systems and anything else LHC related. Also please see the website for a less formal, less-financial update on LHC. Thank you for your support! Every dollar is critical and we aspire to manage it well and with purpose, on purpose. May God bless your sacrificial support. Thank you for choosing to trust Love Has Come.

Marc Spear
President, LHC