Adoption – Africa, Domestic, China

For our family, adoption has been a given long before we had kids. Amanda knew she wanted to adopt from the age of 8, and in the months leading up to our marriage, God began to impress on John Mark’s heart (unbeknownst to Amanda) the value of adoption. So after a couple years of marriage, it was an easy decision to begin the process to adopt. The attitude was, “If God wants to give us biological children, then fine, but we want to intentionally pursue adoption to grow our family.”

An overriding theme in all of our adoptions has been the conviction that this is God’s call forus, and that He will provide the means for it. Our first adoption of an infant from Ethiopia came at a very uncertain time for us financially, and we had to move forward in faith, despite the lack of assured funding. As the process moved forward, and as we extended our financial commitment one step at a time, God would then respond with a financial contribution after each step. We returned home from Africa with our son, still facing a monetary shortfall, and awaiting us was a letter awarding a grant to reimburse our expenses. We finished our first adoption process with the full amount being provided by God.

Our second adoption was a domestic adoption of a five­-month ­old little girl, and again, the moment we were made aware of the opportunity, we pursued it. We didn’t spend lots of time debating over finances or whether we should we simply saw a child in need and knew this was the calling God had for us, so we moved forward. Just like before, there was no financial “coffer” waiting to cover this one, but just like before, the full cost of the adoption was covered by the time the process was complete.

So when we were presented with the option this past summer to adopt a three year old boy from China, we knew how this would work: God has called us to adopt, so we moved forward to adopt. After we started the process, we began contacting close family and friends to ask them if they would consider supporting this adoption financially. And through the contributions of our loved ones, both large and small, we were able to meet a large percentage, but not all, of our expenses. We were still a bit short, so we applied for a few grants, including one from Love Has Come. All of them were awarded, but appropriately, the grant from ​Love Has Come is the one that brought us to the point of being fully funded for this adoption. So in the same way that an adoption grant finalized God’s provision for a little African boy, your grant has finalized God’s provision for a little Chinese boy.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunities created by your grant, in exactly the same way we are so grateful for the individual contributions made by our friends and family. We know that this grant was made possible by the individual contributions of people who feel the same way our friends and family do: ​even though not every family can or should adopt, every family can ​ participate and support adoption.

Thank you all for the part you have played in building our family! God bless you all