Adoption – China

Dear Love Has Come,

Hello, we are the Mayfield family. My name is Justin and my wife is Chris. We currently have three biological children; Josiah is nine in the fourth grade, Riley is seven in the first grade, and Kaitlyn is three and has just started preschool. Our family began the process in January 2012, with Bethany Christian Services of adopting a special needs child from China. We were matched in January 2013 with a three-year-old little girl that we chose from a waiting child list in October 2012. We received our travel invitation from China at the end of July. She was diagnosed with post-operative hydrocephalus, genu varum (bowing of the legs), and mild anemia. Let me just say that the adoption process was not an easy journey.

My wife and I have discussed adoption for many years, and as we discussed our faith in Jesus with our biological children and how to help other people in need, our children began asking questions and making suggestions about how our family could help a child in need. Although we have three biological children, we did not feel that our family was complete. As we felt the time had approached and discovered the needs for special placement, we felt that this is what God had called us to do and put in our hearts long ago to do.

To give you an idea of cost, when we started the process, we estimated our costs would be from 18 to 30 thousand dollars. Those costs significantly increased to over 41 thousand dollars. We decided to use our missions giving, separate from our tithe giving, to focus on our adoption. To pay the large upfront costs, we took a loan from our 401k plan. Government tax relief, around 12 thousand, and my company’s benefit, six thousand towards adoption, puts our portion of the cost at least at 22 thousand dollars, plus loan interests and medical consultation costs. The government tax relief will take a few years to recoup.

We are happy to report that we just returned from China on 5 Sep with our little girl, Lily! Travel was long and we were required to be in China for 15 days. I believe that God answered our prayers since Lily came to us in very good health and received us very well. In my opinion, the experience was best-case scenario. She has bonded with us quickly and when we arrived home, she took to our other children very well and finally let go of my wife’s hand while at home.  We know we still have a long journey ahead of us, but Lily is fitting in very well.

When we applied for this grant, I told my wife it was pointless because of when we were going to travel. I almost didn’t finish the application. This was the fifth grant we had applied for and I was ready to give up. When Love Has Come contacted us and let us know of the $4000 grant award, we were getting ready to travel to China the following week, our finances had dwindled dramatically, and we had a final bill of $4,070 to our adoption agency. I was really getting to the stress point to figure out how we were going to survive when we arrived home. This is just to say that God provided through Love Has Come and we appreciate it more than you know. This was just the assistance that we needed. Thank you!