Adoption – Ethiopia

In the spring of 2005 we traveled to Ethiopia to adopt our 1st and 2nd children, boys 6 months old and 3 years old. In 2010 we traveled to Ethiopia again to adopt our 3rd and 4th children, daughters ages 4 months and 11 years. Stepping off the plane was like coming home. While there we traveled to the orphanage where our older daughter had lived and met two sweet children, Lydia (10 at the time) and Yosef (9 at the time). When we returned home we contacted an agency about adopting them, too, but were told that we did not meet requirements to adopt again. We were very disappointed. Unsure what else to do, we started saving for another adoption. Even if Lydia and Yosef could not be our children we knew that we wanted to adopt again someday.

In May of last year we learned that Yosef was being adopted, but Lydia was still waiting for a family. We also learned that we could adopt her! We were beyond thrilled that she could be our daughter! Even though we had not saved all the funds that we needed for another adoption we decided to move forward. We were close enough that we figured some fundraising and help from family and friends would get her home. We began fundraising efforts and managed to set aside most of what we needed for her fees.

Then we received an email from our dear friend who runs the orphanage where Lydia and Yosef live. The family who was adopting Yosef had been unable to complete his adoption. After meeting him, and telling him they would adopt him, they could not. We were devastated for this little boy who we already cared so deeply about and we mourned for his poor broken heart! We immediately contacted our friend to tell her he is our son.

We were SO excited! Soon Lydia and Yosef would be our 5th and 6th children! However, the additional $8,000+/- that we needed was a bit overwhelming. We immediately began applying for grants to help cover the fees. Months passed, no grants were awarded. Last spring we received word that our case was finally being submitted to court, but that we would need to pay the remaining $5,000 in fees before we could travel. We had about $6,000 in the bank, but knew we still needed close to $10,000 for travel expenses. And then the letter came from Love Has Come. A $4,000 grant! We cannot convey to you the blessing that grant was!! It covered all but a few dollars of what will still owed the agency and allowed us to use our savings to travel to Ethiopia in August for our court date!

As of August 9th, 2013 Lydia and Yosef are ours forever and ever! (Now we are waiting on the embassy to bring them home!) We have been truly amazed to watch God work through this entire adoption! I could write pages and pages on what He has done! We are so happy and so blessed that Love Has Come has been able to be a part of this amazing journey with us and look forward to sharing with you soon that we are all home and are settling in as a family of 8.
May God bless you in this amazing work that you do for Him!!!!