While we were waiting to accept a referral for our child, we were blessed to welcome our daughter, Grace, into our family. At that point we started hoping and praying that our biological and adopted babies would be close in age so they could grow up as best buddies. Two months after Gracie was born, God was so good to bless us with our long awaited referral. And the sweet baby girl was only 4 days older than our Gracie! It took 16 months of paperwork and processing delays to get little Nora Divine home; but at 18 months old we were able to unite our “twin” girls! Although the delays we encountered were frustrating and terribly difficult to endure, God confirmed that He was sovereign over our adoption timeline. Throughout our wait, God used our prolonged process to give us time to connect with dozens of inspiring adoption advocacy groups like Love Has Come. Now we look back and see that God extended our adoption process so He could also extend our faith and prove to us that He would always meet our needs no matter how daunting they seemed at the time.

Nora Divine has been home 6 months now and we hardly remember life without her! She was well worth the wait and we cherish God’s carefully planned path to bring her into our home. What a journey and it’s really just begun!