Adoption – Domestic, China

The first time our hearts and minds turned toward the adoption was the spring of 2001. After prayer and counsel from others who had adopted we began the process and that August welcomed home a 3 month old baby girl who had been born in Charlotte North Carolina.

In 2009 we felt the tugging at our heart a 2nd time, but when every door for domestic adoption closed we felt directed to look internationally. In May of 2010 we welcomed home 2 year old Kebrom and 4 year old Atsede from Ethiopia.

The adoption journey is one that is impossible to accurately describe or explain…it can only be experienced. I confess there are days filled with tears and tantrums and difficult questions…and that is just Katrina and I. But those days are far outnumbered by the days where you hold the child God has given to you and marvel at the miracle of adoption…the incredible gift God has given in an unconventional, but equally miraculous, manner.

JoyLynn is now 13, Atsede is 9 and Kebrom is 7 and though I might not be able to describe what the journey has been like, I can say it has been an experience that every day I thank God for providing to me.