Project Haiti


As of early 2019, the store has been rolling for nearly a year.  We are 80% to profit and growing.  We have managed to succeed in the hard things.  Among those is finding a quality team that can take us into the future.  We have amazing people and great leadership inside the store beginning with Lynn Sarah our store manager.  We have solid accounting systems and our reporting is very reliable.  Our inventory systems are quality as are our merchandising strategy.  And the store is beautiful.


The challenge remains in sourcing good, consistent, quality products.  Haiti is full of chaos and few things are dependable including sourcing food, groceries, and consumables at the wholesale level.  Therefore, with the help of LSM, we have begun the project of importing from the states products the community in SW Haiti needs but cannot consistently get.  Long story, but there is MUCH work being done to see this strategy enhancement come to fruition.  One of our core values is sustainability – any systems we implement we want to stand the test of time.  This takes time and energy to get it right.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed.  Funding remains a huge need until we come to profit and can self-sustain.  Importing containers of product is not cheap – we covet your help.


And we have gone digital!  Check out our first commercial…


Here are a few pics of our grand opening and the setup of the new store!


This is our manager, Lynn Sarah holding her very first staff meeting

Lynn Sarah and Janet setting up the inventory system.

Lynn Sarah about to open the store!

Our very first transaction.

Lynn Sarah working with IT before the grand opening.

The team ready to start Day 1.

A couple of pictures of our products on the shelves!


The background

It starts with the orphan. The orphans of Les Cayes, Haiti, are children who’ve been rescued from slavery, abandoned by their parents, or orphaned by disease and death. They are the poorest, most vulnerable members of society, but our dream is for them to someday be leaders equipped to transform their country.

We believe that will not be accomplished by “relief” efforts, but by supporting local Haitians through placing orphans in loving Haitian families, supporting these families in long term sustainable ways, providing education and spiritual guidance, and contributing to the needs of the children and the community at large through creating new and sustainable economies through business development.

It currently costs over $1.5 million annually to support the 200+ kids and their families in southwest Haiti.  The costs for housing, development, pastors, counselors, provisions, schools, research and development, ranch and vocation school development, etc in Haiti are extensive.  The next phase in the robust plan to move the Haitians toward a self-sustainable support system is business development which will provide jobs for locals and income to off-set costs that fall burden to the US.  To that end, LHC is helping to create a new grocery shopping experience in Les Cayes, Haiti – imagined by Haitians, built by Haitians, run by Haitians.

Project Haiti

Here’s what it is, how we’re doing it, and how you can be involved.

The Approach

Our approach is very simple: equip, educate, and empower Haitian nationals, so that – on their own – they may create for themselves the social and economic infrastructure needed for long-term prosperity.

Love Has Come (LHC) has partnered with Loving Shepherd Ministries (LSM) in Haiti, where LSM is considered a leader in the orphan care movement through their innovational and sustainable in-country approach.

Our purpose is not relief work – we focus on long term sustainability. It’s difficult and high risk, but effective.

Brief History and Project Description

Most relief efforts have failed in Haiti. First, because they are temporary and second, because they’re often centered around western values difficult to translate to Haitians.

Love Has Come and Loving Shepherd Ministries take a different approach. Relief isn’t what’s needed. Long-term sustainable transformation is. LSM’s established work with orphans in Les Cayes means that children are kept in country, nurtured in loving homes, provided education, and will be equipped with a post-secondary education.

What’s Happening Now:

  • 19 Homes of Hope: two parents and up to twelve children
  • 35-acre Horticulture and Animal Science Ranch and Vocational School
  • Community tending to the needs of HIV-positive children
  • Schools & community centers
  • Staffing
    • 153 Haitian
    • 5 Americans
  • And this little beauty:

What’s Next:

Rather than provide temporary relief, LHC is partnering with LSM to establish independent, sustainable revenue sources through domestic Haitian businesses.

Enter: Nouvelle Aube!


Love Has Come’s work with LSM and research in the area has shown that the people of Les Cayes need a reliable source for fresh food. A new grocery store is a project Haitians see as worthwhile and viable, and the income it will generate will help fund orphan projects throughout southwest Haiti.

Nouvelle Aube , or “New Dawn,” will be the test pilot for the larger, permanent market that we plan to establish at the 40-acre business park, now under development.

Organizational Philosophy

Love Has Come and Loving Shepherd Ministries are in Haiti not to convert their culture to our western ways, but solely to support, empower, and equip Haitians to succeed on their own. Through sustainable business, we teach fundamental values – accountability, honesty, leadership, and courage – that merge with the rich Haitian culture and lead to inspiring stories of success.

The only way to move the extensive, life-long orphan support infrastructure  toward financial independence is to provide revenue through domestic business. A sustainable market is our first business venture and we’ll launch it in March, 2018.


Our efforts in Haiti require dollars from the US. The entire operations cost for everything – schools, orphan care, community and business development – comes to a grand total of $1.75M per year. The four biggest line items are:

  • $781,500 Homes of Hope
  • $242,000 Vocational Ranch
  • $71,000 business development
  • $504,000 HIV community ($410,000 one-time expense to build a school so operating costs are about $94,500)

Every dollar counts – you can give today HERE.

How to be involved

To date we have invested over $80,000 in the remodel and acquisition of infrastructure at our store location.  To successfully launch in March, 2018 we are in need of approximately $66,400.  This will allow us to properly inventory and account for three months operating capital.  Thank you for considering joining us in the journey.

CONTACT US. Whether you’re a single mom on a tight budget or a corporation with millions to give away, we want to talk to you about how you can help.

DONATE. Give from your bank or PayPal account.

EXPERTISE. If you have a skill to lend contact us.

SHARE THE VISION. We love talking about this. There are many, many ways to get involved. Reach out to us and we’ll begin the discussion.

Brad, Abby and Marc about to take the 5-hour bus ride to Les Cayes

Touring with LSM

Marc with the Chickens

The 3 Amigos: Marc, Dennis and Mike on a biz dev trip in April 2015


“In loving memory of Fred Helber, memorialized by Bruce and Mary Crippen.”

Brad, Abby & Marc about to take the 5-hour bus ride to Les Cayes

Touring with LSM

Marc with the Chickens

The 3 Amigos: Marc, Dennis & Mike on a biz dev trip in April 2015