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Team Leads

Marc Spear


Brad Ihrig

Vice President

Joe Danzer


Danelle Danzer

Treasurer, team lead FFF

Mike Godwin

team lead The Projects

Annet Ihrig

team lead Go Adopt

Angela Hebner

Creative director

Abby Spear

Secretary, co-team lead Go Adopt

Heather Sundheim

Social Media Director
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Love Has Come Inc.

16191 Highland Drive
Florence, Montana 59833


Connecting You To The Movement.
Yo Missoula.  For a list of local LHC plug-in events, hit the "Do" tab.  To send us a note or ask something, hit "Speak up."  To give.....hit "Give."  Thanks Missoula - you rock!
LHC is kinda international but this Pulse Page is our page - it's set aside for us locals. Get involved in local gigs, lend a local hand, or send in your local ideas.  It's all hands on deck to keep this Missoula orphan movement rolling and growing.  Fatherless kids here and around the world thank you for getting in the game.  We are their only option.

Select an option above and make the Missoula pulse stronger!