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Brad Ihrig

Vice President

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Danelle Danzer

Treasurer, team lead FFF

Mike Godwin

team lead The Projects

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team lead Go Adopt

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Creative director

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Secretary, co-team lead Go Adopt

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Social Media Director
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Love Has Come Inc.

16191 Highland Drive
Florence, Montana 59833


Connecting You To The Movement.
Orphans around the world need you. They are helpless. The fatherless are victims of circumstance and choices. Many are without food. Without touch. Without love.

You can give to awesome orphan related causes through LHC.  Financial stewardship is a top priority for us.  Check out "our finances" so you can give with confidence.  Thank you for your generosity and help.

Become part of Network 127:

James 1:27 says, "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."

"Network 127" is our growing team of people financially supporting LHC.  Because of you, we are able to look after orphans at home and around the world.

Please consider joining the Network.  Without a strong network of support, LHC is immobilized.  With it, we are enabled.

Network 127 Grant Fund

Hopeful adoptive families can apply for a Forever Family Fund Grant. After an extensive application process, recipients may receive a grant to help off-set adoption costs. You may provide a grant and help connect a family to a child by gifting a one-time donation of $5000 (our maximum grant). If you’d like, your name can become known to the recipient of your grant and we will connect you to your adoptive family as they share their adoptive journey with you. Or, you may donate any amount on a recurring monthly program or a one-time gift.

Give To A Grant

Network 127 Project Haiti 

LHC is building an orphanage in Haiti. Making a gift to our “Project Haiti” fund provides for materials, engineering, Haitian salaries, and many other needs all necessary to construct the orphanage, school, medical facility, etc.

Give To The Projects

Network 127 General Fund

LHC has a varying supply of needs at any given moment. Providing a gift to our general fund is your way of saying to LHC, “please use the funds with wisdom to address the most urgent needs LHC may have at this time.” We will pray a blessing over your gift and use it wisely to bring love to orphans.

Give To The General Fund

Network 127 Memorial Fund

If you would like to sponsor a LHC web page in memory of someone special, consider a memorial gift.  You will have the opportunity to customize our memorial emblem in honor of your loved one and allow a small piece of their legacy to continue for many years.  Simply submit your gift then e-mail so we may then walk you through the process.

 Give To The Memorial Fund